A Mantra to be happy and stay fit mentally

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Hey guys!

On this International Yoga Day. I just want to say something about mental health.

Physical health is important but staying fit mentally is a need. Many of us do a lot for physical health but there are only a few who do something for mental health.

Depression! One of the most well known mental illnesses nowadays. Most of the people suffering from depression due to various causes.

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So here are some symptoms from those we can diagnose depression.

  • Persistent low mood
  • Low energy
  • Lack of interest in activities
  • Insomnia or excess sleep
  • Loss of appetite or overeating
  • Anger burst
  • Sudden fear Or fear of the unknown
  • difficulty in concentration.

Can we deal with it? And How ?

So how to deal with it? Or we can say how to prevent it?

  • Maintain Positive attitude: Just try to replace negative thoughts wid positive ones.
  • Acceptance: Accept ur capabilities..stop comparing urself wid others. Everyone has their own capabilities.
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  • Find a Hobby Or cultivate the one u have. Make some time for yourself.
  • Set your goals: Your goals keeps you alive
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#You can add below activities in your routine to keep your mind healthy

  1. Eat healthy food. Remember food does affect ur mood 
  2. Exercise or Yoga or Meditation. These are really very helpful. You don’t have to spent too much time for that,walking or running for just 15-20 mins may improve your health
  3. Play games! Indoor or outdoor. Games do help to maintain ur sporty attitude
  4. Music is a really good therapy. Music can change your mood drastically. So you can keep your favourite song on whenever you feel low.
  5. Conversation Share your problem with your friends, Parents, relatives Or with anyone. But please talk about it. 
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There is no stigma in having depression

Depression is as common as other diseases and most importantly it is preventable and curable. We need to open about it don’t hesitate to speak. You’re not alone. And lastly don’t hesitate to consult with your doctor.

So please talk about it. Because everything is possible if we do🤝🏻😊.

Dr. Rutuja Ghodchar

Young Citizen Team

Everything is possible if we do ( Changes are possible if we are certain to do it )

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5 thoughts on “A Mantra to be happy and stay fit mentally”

  1. Really it’s essential one, bcoz according to a study,it is no exaggeration to suggest that the country is under a mental health epidemic.The first and foremost reason for India to lose its mental health is the lack of awareness and sensitivity about the issue. It’s a good step forward for awareness…🙂

  2. Gunjan Govindlalji Mundada

    Really that article is awesome… Mental health is most important part for live life positively and happily… If our mental health is good then we are able to do any impossible thing possible with free mind ..

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