Actress Mahekk Chahal said she don’t blame herself while talking about her breakup

Mahekk and ashmit pic

Ashmit Patel and actress Mahekk Chahal were engaged with each other and had the beautiful time together. Unfortunately all love stories are not as beautiful as they seem. So people chose to separate themselves from each other.

Mahekk who was previously in love with Ashmit patel, Said that she doesn’t blame herself for breakup. We only get to know about the person when we start spending more time with them. I have spent my time with Ashmit and I felt he is not the right person for me.


So I decided to walk off, And do not blame myself for doing this. When we started living with the person , the moments we spend with them makes us realise and give us hint about the real nature of that person.

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We all have our independence to live our life happily. We would request everyone to keep this independence and respect it. Also be kind towards the people around us.

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