Asim Riaz fans are upset, Siddharth shukla won big boss 13

Big boss 13

We finally got the Big Boss 13 winner. It was tough fan fight between Asim Riaz and Siddharth Shukla’s fan

Big boss 13 asim and siddharth
Courtesy : Colors Tv (Big Boss 13)

Saturday on 15 Feb, 2020 when Big boss 13 got there winner, Siddharth Shukla winning the title some big boss fans are not happy calling the show most biased. Some of the fans started trending hashtags like #boycottcolorstv #biasedbb13 #asimriazdeservestowin #truewinnerasim Where as on the flip side Siddharth Shukla fans enjoying the moment as their favourite Siddharth won the title who they think is the most deserving. Before finale Shilpa Shinde also did some remarks on Siddharth, how he is rude and undeserving candidate. What you guys think about the winner? Write it down in the comments section.


Big Boss is one of the most controversial reality shows. And so big boss 13 was not much behind in terms of controversies. Next season of Big Boss 14 will again bring some celebrities in a house where we may get to see new controversies.

Big Boss 13 fans were divided into two fan base. One fan base was supporting Siddharth Shukla while on the other side Asim Riaz. It was a tough fan fight between them. Asim Riaz and Siddharth shukla’s controversy on the show was the limelight of Big Boss 13.

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