Backpackers when travel combines the love

Backpackers is the first-ever web series by Alright. A web series that I accidentally clicked and fell in love with.

Backpackers is the story of Kanan and Era. A beautiful tale of life, love, and travel.

Backpackers web series Cast and Crew:


Ambrish Verma as Kanan

Shirin Sewani as Era

Alisha Chopra as Anna

Prashast Singh as Shivang

Gunjan Bajaj as Namrata

Writer: Shaharyar Farooqui

Co-Writer: Karpoor Gaurav

Director: Neel Jadhav

Executive Producer: Akhilesh Vats

DOP: Jatin Bajaj

Music: Udit Shandilya

Chief Assistant Director: Vimal Bora

Editor: Jagmeet Singh

Casting: Akhilesh Vats, Hardik Gambhir

Makeup and Hair: Shafiq and Amir

Available Platform: Youtube ( Alright )

Number of Episodes: 3

Backpackers: not so solo trip

Sometimes travel could be the best solution to heal ourselves and thus Kanan aka Ambrish Verma decides to go on a solo trip to find himself and get heal from his inner conflicts.

Screenshot from 2021 08 25 02 58 15
Source: Backpacker by Alright

Kanan’s solo trip remains no longer a solo trip as he meets Era, Shivang, and Anna. A trio and their love for travel bring back the memories of Yeh Jawani hai deewani.

So Kanan is the character played by Ambrish Verma a banker who thinks he is boring and is dealing with his breakup. Trying to move on and clear many self-doubts this situation has caused him. So he decides to go on a solo trip.

There he meets Era played by Shirin Sewani. Era’s love for travel, her passion, and her unique approach towards life are so genuine and catchy. That Kanan couldn’t resist to fell for her.

Along with these two, we get to see Shivang aka Prashast Singh, and Anna aka Alisha Chopra, the two best friends in a casual relationship. Trying to have all the fun that they could store for a lifetime.


Backpackers: Life, happiness, and unplanned smiles

If you love to travel then Neel Jadhav has created the Masterpiece. The backpackers give you the happiness and all beautiful shades of a trip that we can remember forever.

Alright always brings the best content for their audience, they proved it with their first-ever web series.

The music of this web series is the plus point. Oo Yaara and Rehnuma these two songs can stay with us forever.

Screenshot from 2021 08 25 02 59 07
Source: Alright ( Backpacker web series)

It is not just Kanan but all of us that could be Era, Shivang, or Anna, we all have our own sets of life stories. Our problems are always going to be different than others. However, the best part is sometimes those unplanned miles can heal everything.

If we think the journey of our life has taken us in the wrong direction then restart our journey. After all, it’s our journey. We can decide where to stop and from where to begin.

Things we like about this web series:

  1. Kanan and Era, The way they handle their emotions for each other is must watch.
  2. Music, Yes the music oo yara and rehnuma is the best part of this web series
  3. Shivang and Anna, their bond with each other and overall the complete shared journey of this four people that reminds us of Yeh Jawani hain deewani.

Are the key points of this web series that we like the most.

Ambrish and Shirin Sewani as Kanan and Era gives us the refreshing pair to watch out for. Also, Gunjan Bajaj aka Namrata who played the character of Kanan’s ex has done her part brilliantly.

Screenshot from 2021 08 25 02 59 39 1
Ambrish and Shirin Sewani from Backpackers

In short, Backpackers could nominate itself as one of the best travel web series we came across.

Three episodic web series has hardly 12-13 minutes of each episode so you can finish watching the complete series in less than an hour plus you could have the good time that you expect.

Backpackers: A journey Never ends

We never travel alone we always get someone on a trip that stays with us. The memories and moments of happiness shared with them become the best part of our life.

With backpackers maybe Kanan’s solo trip wasn’t a solo trip but the doubts he carried on his shoulder after his breakup with Namrata, to finding his own journey is worth watching.

So if you haven’t watch Backpackers yet, I would recommend you to watch it. You will love it.

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