Rahul Dravid ! The overshadowed wall of Cricket ?

A wall is something we don’t give attention to, but it never stops giving its support and protection.
Maybe we sometimes fail to show our gratitude towards it. When it comes to Indian cricket we have a cricketer Rahul Dravid who is named as the wall. He was strong on the field, he provided support and comfort when required most. Like a wall, he was always there. Do we have forgotten him like walls around us? 

1. Do this replicated with the wall of team India?
2. Does his value is been overshadowed?
3. Do India will ever witness the wall team India had?
4. Do the gentleman of cricket got the reward for what he deserves?


Rahul Dravid is someone who is been valued more after his retirement. He is constantly working for the future of Indian cricket.
Many young players with unexceptional talent idealize him and getting trained by him. The overshadowed wall may not have got the exposure but his brilliant contribution to Indian cricket is paying unforgivable. We are blessed to witness the era of gentleman’s cricket.

Rahul Dravid is a name that we cannot neglect or negotiate if someone will ask us about a gentleman of cricket or if someone will ask you one name of a cricketer who played with utmost loyalty and spirit. In today’s fast forward cricket, Test cricket still finds its way and for India when it comes to test cricket Rahul Dravid is been pronounce as ” The wall of Cricket ” a wall that provides security, support and comfort even at the worst condition. 

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