Covid 19 and we normal people in India

After a disappointing time in 2020, we all were hoping for some good time in 2021. And when we were expecting things to get better sudden outburst of Covid 19 second wave split our heart into parts. 

India recorded 1,501 coronavirus deaths in the last 24hours  in India ten states accounted for about 83% of deaths.  

This may seem normal if we look at the recovery rate of the Covid 19 patients in India but it’s actually a serious issue now. Our medical systems are failing, the supplies of essentials like Remedesivior and Oxygen are all time low as compare to the increase in number of Covid 19 cases. 

One of the health care worker recently said that she has seen only two deaths in her entire life but had seen more deaths in 7 days.  You can understand the severity of the situation. 


In Maharashtra the maximum cases happens  and it was followed by Delhi , Chhattisgarh ,Uttar Pradesh ,Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh ,Punjab ,Tamil-Nadu, Rajasthan… Well let’s not target the figures of that how many patients are where and how many are recovered, but let just talk about how a life of a common person has become since this Pandemic has started. 

Life for a common person is not traveling and having fun at beaches and restaurant, enjoying movie at theatres but it’s more about earning money for the living of family members and embracing the lifestyle. Which has paused and now the struggle has reached the another level. Covid 19 and normal people is a story that we cannot express in words, but we hope this situation will get better soon and those tears an fear of losing loved one will rid of.  

We wish each of us will have a healthy and wealthy life and more power to fight against the covid. 

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