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In this competitive world sometimes it becomes so difficult to rank your videos on youtube and earn some money. And if you are in the initial stage or beginner on youtube it becomes nearly impossible to earn money, till the time you don’t complete youtube monetization eligibility criteria.

And this is the time when Dailymotion comes into work. One of the best alternatives you can use to earn online.

Best YouTube similar platform to earn online

Sometimes, Relying on single platform may end up with no result or sometimes more alternative methods are required to earn more.

Dailymotion is one such platform. Where we can monetize our video and earn money through advertisement. 

Dailymotion comes with daily motion partner program, By becoming a partner we can create our channel, Upload our content, and monetize them.


The best part is we can monetize video from day one, Unlike youtube where we have to fulfill some conditions to monetize videos.

Dailymotion monetization is on but ads are not showing

You may have heard we can monetize your video from day one using Dailymotion partner program.

So you may have become a member, Created your channel and uploaded your content. Completed all the procedure but still when you checked your revenue section no revenue has been generated.

And then you find that ads are not showing on your dailymotion videos. So, Below are the two scenarios that you must know about dailymotion partner propgram. 

#1 Why dailymotion ads are not showing

Dailymotion, Recently updated its monetization policy. And as per new policy dailymotion have applied some conditions like youtube to show ads on videos.

As per dailymotions new monetization policy, They will start running ads on videos only after a new channel will complete atleast 10k views including all the videos on the channel.

So, If you are worried that why ads are not showing on your videos then you will have to complete atleast 10k views and only then you will be able to earn using dailymotion.

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