Did we always underestimate Ms Dhoni the Batsman ?

ms dhoni at 4
MS Dhoni at number four..! India’s number 4 is been a debatable topic for two years.
Which continued in world cup 2019 as well, India failed to seize it’s number four batsman and then somehow eliminated in the semi-final. Trying some inexperienced player at such a level is something we can call a mistake which can’t be rectified. And no doubt we lost the world cup. Because the tactics which were been used are out of normal cricketing thought.

Sending MS Dhoni to bat at no. 7 or 8 is a clear example of how we underrated MS Dhoni the Batsman. Sending inexperienced players at the top when pressure needed to be soaked was a bizarre idea. In one talk show, Yuvraj Singh also questioned the same decision made by Captain and Management.

Ravi Shastri and his co…, tried many players at number four.  but they never stick with one.
Ambati Rayudu who was looking strong contender for number does not get selected in the world cup squad even after two replacement he didn’t get pick which disappointed him a lot and he announced his retirement. Trying two inexperienced players at no. 4 is not digestible.

In between all this, Ms. Dhoni is the name who should have batted at number four but never been tried.
You simply can’t win the tournament when your biggest strength didn’t bat or bat so lower in the order that he didn’t get able to do anything. Exactly, The scenario we witnessed in the semi-final was repeated before In many tournaments. When top 3 failed India lose the match? Which was not a scenario before. Sending MS to bat at lower the order was something that finished batsman in him.


Against New Zealand in such a pressure situation when India needed someone to bat at number four who can take match deep and end up winning your team India decided to hold him back.
And the most talented player who came up in the order before him failed to sustain the pressure.

If Ms. Dhoni is batting at number seven then you can’t win trophies.
Since the last two year’s India lost most of the big total chases because Dhoni batted at number 7.
No doubt he is the best finisher in the world but you just can’t expect delicious Maggie will be made in 2minutes every time?

It takes time. It requires time. It needs time.
Loosing in the semifinal was heartbreaking.
But why Dhoni at 7 and not number 4 is something hurts more.

There are only a few incidents when Ms. Dhoni got run out.
His first run out disappointed his family.
His last run out in IPL disappointed CSK.
His last run out in the world cup disappointed the whole country.

Ms. Dhoni the batsman is something we all underestimated over the years…

Recently former Indian opener and India’s unsung hero Gautam Gambhir also said, Dhoni would have been top-level batsman and may have broken many records as a batsman if he wouldn’t have been the captain.

From a stroke player to best finisher a journey and the adaptation Dhoni made in him is more than words to express. But if he would have batted up in the order maybe he may have more centuries and records on his name.

A fearless cricketer and a selfless player who contributed so much through his cricketing mind. After the world cup, we don’t know if we can see him in blue again or not.

But news that devastated all, Sushant Singh Rajput who performed the reel life MS Dhoni is no more with us. Everyone is shocked and cannot believe what that has happened. May his soul rest in peace.

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