Friend Request a heartwarming mini web series by RVCJ in 2021

friend request rvcj

Friend Request a beautiful portrayal of the new age romance series by RVCJ. Badri Chavan and Anjali Barot are the highlights of this series. After wrong number season 1 and season 2, Fans actually wanted beloved Shukla and Ruchi together RVCJ did this in the web series.

Friend Request- First approach

What you will do to start a conversation with someone? Well if I would have asked this question 10 years back some may have said,” Hello and the handshake” and few years back may be Hi or hey on social media. But with times things do change, This time we have a new approach and that’s comment section where we are more prone towards argument and the trolls.

Mehek mehta in friend request with anjali barot, badri chavhan
Image Source: Youtube( Friend Request web series by RVCJ) Mehek Mehta and Anjali Barot

Friend Request is a mini web series with such new approach. Where an argument between two people involves us in their story.

Friend Request web series – Cast, crew and review

Cast and Crew


  • Anjali Barot as
  • Badri Chavhan as
  • Arun Kushwah as
  • Pr atish Mehta as
  • Advertisement
  • Mehek Mehta as

Creative Producer: Pankaj Kothawade

Executive Producer: Ashwin Salunke

Art Director: Sanju Gupta

Editor: Lavesh Rampurkar

Music: Rohan Rohan

DOP:Jay Kulkarni

Concept: Pooja Sachdev

Writers: Shivam sharma, Chirag Basran

Producers: Shahid Javed Ansari, Harpreet Bajwa, Ankit Mor

Director: Akshat Vijaywargiya

Friend Request- Trust, Mistake and Attachment

This web series is a concept of Pooja Sachdev which is written by Shivam Sharma and Chirag Basran. Director Akshat Vijaywargiya gave it a life and our favourite Anjali Barot and Badri Chavhan made it a must watch.

Friend request rvcj web series, anjali barot
Pic Source: Friend Request web series (Anjali Barot) by RVCJ

Munni is a character portrayed by Arun Kushwah aka Chote Miyaan is the key highlight of this mini web series. Where Munni involves himself into the controversy by uploading controversial content about girls in a group. Thus girls start bashing him on his post, Munni trying to escape from this situation ask Badri Chavhan aka Vikram to help him get out of this situation.

Vikram coming into the rescue is the moment where our story begins. As on the other side we get to see Anjali Barot aka Aditi. This is the moment where RVCJ rejoice us with our favourite Ruchi and Shukla back on screen again.

Aditi is the character performed by Anjali Barot who is more confident about her choices and life. On the other side Vikram is the guy who actually tries to detox himself from the social media and have a stress free life.

Coming into rescue for Munni, Vikram enters into the argument and Aditi being girls support started having the trolls and the arguments. At some point they both feel they should just leave it and then finally start having good communication and mutual understanding.

Screenshot 2021 04 18 03 25 16
Image Source: RVCJ web series : Friend Request

As we expect their story to be perfect, Munni again does unexpected and we get to see the rift between the two.

Will their story end on a good note? Well this mini web series will give you the answers.

Three things we like about Friend Request web series

  1. Vikram and Aditi aka Badri Chavhan and Aditi Barot : Ever since we get to see Ruchi and Shukla in Wrong Number number mini web series. We all were wanted to see both of them to be in the lead and them actually make a good on screen couple
  2. The new age Romance and how I met you on social media?
  3. Munni: Well the character in first episodes seems very weird and we literally may not like it but as story proceeds we literally will like the character and will say this is one of the most special character
friend request cast
Image source: Friend Request web series RVCJ (Youtube Channel)

Let us know what you like about the web series in the comment box and share your feedback.

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