Gautam Gambhir opened up on Virat Kohli’s 2014 England Tour


Gautam Gambhir is known for his straight forward nature and on point talks. Former Indian opener and left-handed batsman recently said about Kohli’s 2014 England tour.

Gambhir said after such a disastrous series, Many careers have ended and Many careers might end. Talking about Virat Kohli’s 2014 England tour which turns out to be the worst series for Virat. Gambhir said,” Many careers end after such a series so credit must be given to Mahendra Singh Dhoni for backing Virat Kohli.

According to Gambhir if Dhoni wouldn’t have backed him. Things might have been different. But it was MS Dhoni who backed Kohli and the security he provided helped him groom a lot. Dhoni’s security and Virat’s self-belief took him to the stage right now.

It is always hard to survive in a test team with such a bad tour. And career may have ended.

In 2014, Virat Kohli’s England tour turn out to be the worst. Many said he is not made for the test cricket and many start criticizing his batting technique.

In that tour, Virat Kohli scored only 134 runs in 5 Test matches at an average of 13.4. So Gautam Gambhir feels credit must have been given to Mahendra Singh Dhoni for trusting Virat in his difficult time.


Virat Kohli is now one of the top batsmen in the world and is about to breaks many records. He already has broken many in a short span of time and with space, he is moving he may break and create many records.

Gautam Gambhir also talked about Ms Dhoni

Gambhir who is an unsung hero of India’s world cup victory also has so much to say about the cricketers he played with.

It was Gautam Gambhir who made us feel both world cup victories easy to achieve in the finals. Either it is 2007 T20 world cup or 2011 ODI world cup. His contribution is priceless for the country.

His partnership with Dhoni in the 2011 world cup will always stay with us. Under Ms. Dhoni’s captaincy, India won almost all the ICC trophies. But Gambhir feels if Dhoni wouldn’t have been the captain, He may have broken many batting records and may have achieved so many individual records.

We always have underestimated MS Dhoni the Batsman, A boy from Ranchi more destructive as a batsman and a decent wicketkeeper could have achieved many as a batsman. But as a captain what he has achieved for India is the best thing that ever happened.

Many players dream entire life for ICC trophy and Dhoni have all three.

Gautam Gambhir always speaks the truth and his bold statements may catch some controversy. He will always be our world cup hero. He captained KKR for some seasons in IPL and won title too. KKR management recently said,” If Dhoni is captain cool, Gambhir can take bullets for his team” what is your take on this let us know in the comment box.

We wish Gautam Gambhir may have played 2015 world cup then may be result could have been in the favor of India. At big stage India lacked trustworthy player in the most pressurize situation. Dhoni was standing all alone in the semi final if we may have players like Yuvraj and Gambhir in a squad that match may have been in India’s favor.

Good players like Gambhir deserves good send off but he didn’t get that.

Now, We don’t know if Dhoni will donned India’s jersey again or not but we wish he may get a farewell match for all good contribution and being the smartest cricketing mind in the world.

A finisher knows better how to finish it, So lets hope for the best.

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