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happily ever after

In this new era where we moved from normal to new normal. We find the best company with close friends and family. They stayed with us during this bad time. No doubt they are very crucial and big support in hard time.

Happily ever after is a story of a couple Avani and Naveen Bagchi. They fell in love after being quiz competitors in school and wanted to get married.

Web series Name: Happily Ever After

Cast: Harshita Gaur as Avani Mehndiratta, Naveen Kasturia as Roneet Bagchi, Shivankit Singh Parihar as Manny, Shruti Das as Surbhi, Gurpreet Saini as RIshi

Available Platform: Youtube

Presented by: Zoom Studio

Happily Ever After – A modern take:

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Source: Web series Happily Ever After ( Zoom Studios)

When it comes to weddings 99% of people wish to have a grand wedding. Where destination wedding tops the list. But destination wedding is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Even if we have savings, looking at the expenses we may end up spending all our savings. In short destination wedding is just a dream for many middle-class boys or girls.

Happily ever after is a new take on the modern age wedding. Avani and Roneet Bagchi plans a destination wedding. But their low-budget wedding has twists, heartbreak, and so much fun. This web series is the perfect example of how things might look if they don’t tend to happen as per the plan.

It is from the makers of “Reunion”

. That is undoubtfully one of the best web series available on youtube. So, We can expect wonders from the same creators. Also, the leads Harshita Gaur and Naveen Kasturia are more like a treat to watch. They both are impressive actors and They have already proven their caliber before.

Avani and Roneet find each other on different sides of a coin when they both have a different take on the wedding. Roneet wanted to save some money. He is ready to settle down with Court Marriage. But Avani aka Harshita who is getting married for the second time wants to have a big fat Indian wedding.

Happily Ever After – A big budget story:

Harshit Singh Gaur and Naveen Kasturia ( Happily Ever After ) Zoom Studios
Source : Harshit Singh Gaur and Naveen Kasturia ( Happily Ever After ) Zoom Studios

If a girl request something a guy will always agree. Thus our beloved Ronit. Now, as they both agree to have a big fat Indian wedding, the main plot of the story begins.

We get to see more characters apart from Avani and Roneet. Where Manny aka Shivankit Singh Parmar is that annoying friend who always comes in favor when we need it the most.

From inviting guests to managing events to keep an eye on budget Manny suggests Roneet and Avni hire a wedding planner. But still, things don’t work in favor of them. Sometimes this leads us to think The story is more of problems than good humor.

After Black Coffee, Happily Ever after could have been a great watch for Harshita fans. But as a viewer, it can’t hold you long unless you really have plenty of time and you love marriage base stuff.

Three things we like about this series

  • Harshita Singh Gaur and Naveen Kasturia are quite odd may feel not a good match but their streamy chemistry is must watch for a different taste and experience
  • A modern take on marriage, Life, and Family events
  • It is from the creators for Reunion and the cast give this web series a plus point for me

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