I got lockdown with my crush Season:2

The first season of Lockdown with my crush had so much to offer thus the excitement level was high after the announcement of season 2.

So if you already watched the first season and you are here as a fan then I hope you will love this article or if you are a web series fan and would like to find web series to binge-watch then this article might lead you to watch this show.

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Source: Lockdown with my Crush Season 2

Swagger Sharma always brings something refreshing for his fans and thus when the whole world was stuck in lockdown.

His I got lockdown with my crush entertained us. Can we expect the same from season 2? Well, I am sure the cast of this show will let you decide.

Lockdown with my Crush Season 2: Cast and Crew

Lockdown with my crush: Season 2 Cast, crew and review

Created By: Swagger Sharma


Swagger Sharma as Shivam Sharma

Akansha Singh

as Aakansha

Bhoola Bhai

Rinni Sharma as Rinni

Parminder Singh

Kuljeet Singh

Written, directed, and edited by: Swagger Sharma

Dop: Rishabh Ranjan

Music by: JusstRishabh & epidemic sounds

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Source: Lockdown with my crush season 2 (Aakansha and Swagger Sharma)

And second wave of lockdown with crush

Lockdown with my crush season 2 begins with Shivam Sharma stuck with Rinni and his brother. Wait! Who is Rinni? and why Shivam is stuck with Rinni instead of Aakansha? Does Shivam had a new crush?

So Rinni is the character played by beautiful Rinni Sharma. Having a crush on Shivam she convinced her father that she found her love and would like to spend her whole life with him.

Shivam was left with no choice than staying with Rinni and his brother is the big turnaround of season 2. So I would not reveal more parts of it.

After the first episode, the tremendous amount of love received by this show was fabulous.

All the characters including Aakansha, Bhoola, Parminder, Kuljeet they did their part with brilliance.

Screenshot from 2021 08 24 02 20 37
Source: Swagger Sharma and Aakansha SIngh ( Lockdown with my crush )

Aakansha looks as pretty as she was in the first season though she has a competition with Rinni this time. It would be exciting to see who will win Shivam’s heart. Does Shivam still have feelings for Aakansha? Why Rinni fell in love with Shivam?

Lockdown with my crush season 2 has more to watch and little to discuss. So it would really be unfair if I will keep writing about it.

Swagger Sharma has the charm to connect with the audience and his Lockdown with my crush season 2 justifies why he is such a good entertainer.

Lockdown with my crush S2

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