Minus one the best flatmate story of a live-in relationship?

minus one

Minus one is a 6 episodic web series presented by Just human things and Qyunki. A story of a couple Varun and Riya staying together after their breakup.

Ohh wait! have I just said a couple staying together after their break up? Well, Then you read it right. Minus one is a perfect story of something we may not have seen before.

Shubham Yogi is the director of Minus One whose creation is a must watch.

Minus One Cast and Crew:

Cast: Aisha Ahmed as Riya , Ayush Mehra as Varun , Faiz Khan as Tripathi, Kira Narayanan as Devika, Ivan Rodrigues as Riya’s Father, Abhinav Verma as Nikhil, Kashyap Kapoor, Rytasha Rathore

Director: Shubham Yogi

Producers: Samir Bangara, Sidhanta Mathur

Editor: Shweta Rai Chamling

Writer: Aakash Bhojwani

Available Platform: Just Human Things (Youtube Channel)

Web series language: Hindi

Minus one: Can exes be friends?

Have you ever imagine? I mean, just imagine if one can actually be a good friend with their ex?

Well like you, most of the people will end up saying ” the amount of hate one possesses for their ex. Even if they will talk for somedays in a polite manner that will be a miracle”…

But exactly contrasts to that.. Our lead pair Riya and Varun after their break up decides to stay together. And like we all in this new world of trolling, their friends find it odd. Two exes sharing something we may have not ever seen is the main concept of this series…


The characters of Riya and Varun are performed by Aisha Ahmad and Ayush Mehra. They totally nailed it. They are so perfect and fine that, Even if I will say you will live the characters in their performance. Then this duo may give justice to my statement.

Now we are flatmates: Minus One

a still from minus one web series
Source: Youtube(Minus One: Just Human Things)

Riya and Varun dated each other for a long time and decided to move in together. Where their parents specially Riya’s parents allow her to be in liv-in as they also like Varun.

But when things don’t work for them and they finally break up. Most probably peoples move on, but here they moved in. From exes to flatmates and to good friends. They humanized the exes.

Minus one reminds you no matter what.. Someone you loved your heart out can still be your best friend. May be things don’t go the way we want but sometimes the chemistry and the friendship stays forever. No matter what that person, from loved one to ex will always remain minus one.

If you know the story of Dhruv and kavya from little things. Completely in love and staying together, minus one is the flip side of a coin where live-in has a refreshing touch. Minus one has a limited cast and so thus Mr. Tripathi deserves a special mention. His small-screen presence is utter brilliance and the way small things are being taken care of is just fabulous.

I love the scene where uhhmm .. Spoiler alert… Where Tripathi Ji asks Varun Wi-Fi password and he replies “fridge k upr h.”.that was such an epic one. As the story is about exes staying in together. Sharing the same flat. Will that actually work? Well, to get the answer you will definitely need to watch these Web series. And if you have already then you know the answer.

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