Modern Family coolest mini web series in 2021 by Alright

modern family a web series by alright

Modern Family is the three episodic mini web series by Alright. It is a classic way of showcasing how a modern family could look like. The three episodes of this web series have three different plots to offer that are great to binge-watch.

Modern Family web series cast, crew and review


Alam Khan, Kritika Avasthi, Lokesh Mittal, Neelu Dogra, Gauri Chakraborty, Sachin Kathuria, Shalu SIngh, Jai Prakash Mukhiya

Produced by: Rusk Studios

Director: Vimal Bora

Writer: Harshpal Singh, Vimal Bora

Story: Akhil Sachdeva

DOP: Chirayush Bhanushali (Chiru)

Makeup and Hair: Makeup Mafia

Art Director: Saloni

Spot: Radhe, Anil, Manoj, Ravi Rao

Modern Family: a sweet take towards modernization

Alright always surprised me with the ideas they present. The modern family is a sweet take on how a new family in this modern age could be.


It shows us the cutest version of a house husband who is doing all chores and cooking food for the family and is not the one who earns for the family. Breaking the stereotype.

A woman can earn for the family a man can run the family this is something we get to see in this sweet and funny 3 episodic web series.

All three episodes have three different stories of the same family. Where the first episode mostly focuses on the eldest and the youngest in the family. The second episode tells us the story where the bond within a family will bring a smile to your face. and the last episode is all about the relatives, their show off, and how it always turns out to be a hoax.

All characters, especially big names like Kritika Avasthi. Everyone contributed so well to this web series.

So, if you are looking to watch something light and sweet you can give this web series a chance.

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