One tip One hand Binge’s web series cast crew and review

one tip one hand web series

One tip one hand is the mini web series presented by Binge’s YouTube channel. 

Story of four friends a perfect bond and life problems. This webseries follow this theme to get you engage with the characters. 

So let’s see the cast of the web series followed by our view on the show 

One tip one hand cast:

Main Leads:

Anushka Sharma as Aliya, Badri Chavan as Deepu, Ritik Ghanshani as Rishu and Sachin Vidrohi as Shastri

Directed by: Sumit Kumar

Written by: Nitin Anand, Saurabh Siya Dwivedi

Created by: Aakash Kumar, Kshitiz Sudhakar

Editor: Hilal Mir

DOP: Ihjaz Aziz

Supporting Cast:

Gunjan Saini as Ridhhima, Manohar Teli, Prashant Deshpande, Saurabh SIngh

Executive Producer: Puneet Waddan, Harshit Agrawal

Creative Producer: Neha Bharati

Concept By: Chiranjeevi Bajpai, Neha Bharati

Script Supervisor: Sourav SIngh

Graphics and Vfx: KC production

Music: Prateek Gupta

Available platform: Youtube ( Binge! )

Number of episodes: 4

One tip one hand: Beginning

Life do have the problems and they are different for each of us. Even though we are best friends our journey, our choices will be different. 

One tip one hand started with a cricket match where Deepu Aka Badri Chavan misfields at the ground which cost their team a loss despite having a second chance. 


Well it was just a game of cricket as Deepu says but does life have a second chance? 

Rishu perfomed by Ritik Ghanshani 

Has a crush on Riddhima but he wasn’t able to express his feelings on the other side the first episode is focused mostly on Deepu, He is preparing for ssc and always skips the coaching, and end up getting into trouble when Verma sir visits his home to meet his father. 

Our second lead and one of the most promising actor Anushka Sharma did wonderful job. She as Aaliya is heart of this webseries. Aaliya wants to join designing firm and do something big. But like any normal family her bua keeps forcing her father to let Aaliya get married soon. But she is still happy as she has a father’s support. 

On the other side our two characters Rishu who and Shastri are the pillars of this show. On the other side our two characters Rishu who and Shastri are the pillars of this show. 

Everyone have their separate opinion about friendship and each of us can define it in different words.  

So thus one tip one hand presents a different definition of friendship, struggle, sweetness and how things can get worst.  

Being each others back to smiling in each other’s success is the true spirit of this web series. 

Rishu and Shastri’s struggle to Aaliya and Deepu’s dream is what tells us how our life is relatable to one tip one hand rule. 

We do need a second chance or we do have a second chance just need to stay focused and grab the second chance after one tip in one hand. 

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