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please find attached webseries

Have you ever thought about it? What if you get logic attached with emotion in one place? Kind of the happiest thing, Which is hard to find or have to sacrifice something. 

Please Find Attached is a story of two employees working in an advertising company. Shaurya and Sanya, trying hard to balance work life. This three episodic web series has all that hold you back

Please Find Attached Webseries Cast :

  1. Main Leads :

Barkha Singh asbarkha singhSanya

Ayush Mehra as ayush-mehra shaurya

2. Supporting cast :

  • Ritika Murthy 
  • Anant Kaushik
  • Aarti Kulkarni
  • Gaurav Dashputra
  • Anand Bhardwaj

3. Featured cast

  • Ajinkya pandit
  • Anish Koli

4. Writers

  • Ajay Kumar
  • Kartik Menon

5. Series Director :

  • Gaurav Dashputra

6. Associate Directors

  • Gaurav Dashputra
  • Keenan burroughs

7. Directors of photography

  • Ajinkya Pandit
  • Ishani roy

Please find attached, Logic and Emotions at one place.

Source: Dice Media ( Please find attached )

Dice Media, Is the most popular content publisher on youtube. Which never disappoints to bring something fresh and unique to watch.

Please find attached is a web series that will knock the door of your heart. Which will bring in the sweetest smile on your face?

A short tale of Shaurya and Sanya. Working in an advertising company trying to balance their work life.

We all want freedom, But freedom of staying alone apart from family brings in the responsibility. Shaurya AKA Ayush Mehra understands this responsibility and thus find flatmates are never perfect.

On the other hand Sanya Aka Barkha Singh

, Tired of traveling 4hours daily in a cab don’t want to spend the whole of her life this way. She wants to experience life and is ready to take up the responsibility.

Shaurya and Sanya in these three episodic web series take your heart through a journey, Where logic and emotions clash at a point.

Please find attached : How it all begins ?

Sanya doesn’t want to travel each day. As  4hours of travel is what she thinks will end up her life in a CAB. And thus she looks for an option to shift near a location. Where Her problem gets a solution when Shaurya agrees to be her flatmate.

Barkha Singh as Sanya is as good as Aayush Mehra as Shaurya. Both make a solid pair. Their morning talks, weekend chats, and the perfect flatmate story is something that holds you back on your seat.

These three episodic web series are enough to connect your heart with the emotions we left behind the logic.

barkha singh in web series

Three points we like about this web series: 

  1. Shaurya and Sanya: Chemistry between these two is worth watching. A promising performance from both the leads.
  2. Balancing each other: Work-life balance is something we have to manage. And understanding our responsibility for the person we care about is most important. Shaurya overwork for Sanya without letting her realize and motivating her is special.
  3. Logic and emotions: Sometimes we don’t understand what to choose between logic and emotions. But there is no meaning of logic without emotion. Having both in one place and still have to decide between logic and emotion is not a good thought. Sanya decides to stay with Shaurya.
ayush mehra 1
Source: Dice Media ( Please find attached)

Your Take on Please find attached

Plenty to write. But it will be unfair for these three episodic web series if you will just read about it.

So watch these web series asap and let us know, your please find attached the story In the comment box.

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