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The three episodes introduced by Dice Media were not just enough to please our heart. So here it is, Dice media is back with the second season of please find attached and our favourites Aayush Mehra and Barkha SIngh are all set to keep us engaged.

Please find attached season 2 is the continuation of a story of two colleagues turning into roommates to love mates.

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Source: Please find attached season 2 (Dice Media)

Cast and Crew:

Main lead

Aayush Mehra as Shaurya Singh, Barkha SIngh as Sanya Agarwal

Supporting Cast

Anumeha Jain as Rohini Kumar, Vaibhavi Upadhyay as Ratna ( Sanya’s Boss), Aditya Pandey as Anant, Ayush Nathani as Abhishek Jain, Tushar Dhembla as Varun vij, Shiv Kanungo as Vinod Chaubey, Priyank Tataria as Akhil,Noyrika Bhateja as Angel, Ayush Nathani, Anup Sharma, Varun Vazir, Vihaan Choudhary..,

Written By:

Kaviraj Singh, Sehaj Kaur Maini, Ajay Kumar

Directed By:

Nayana Shyam

Available Platform:

Youtube (Dice Media)

pfa 2 season 2
Source: Please Find Attached season 2 episode 1

PFA 2 : When It all Started again

Please find attached where we had a good combo of logic and emotions attached  at one place, Season 2 begins with a new start, where roles are different now and thus the responsibilities are. However our favourites (Shaurya and Sanya) are finding a way to balance their work and relationship.

Aayush Mehra aka Shaurya who looks very sorted in the first season is now confused and insecure from the beginning. There are challenges and responsibilities which actually feels realistic.

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Source: PFA season 2 (Dice Media)

Barkha Singh aka Sanya on the other side looks more sorted this time. Trying hard to manage work and relationship together to encouraging Shaurya to boost him up is something worth watching.

Please find attached season 2 is a journey of our two favourites Sanya and Shaurya. Where they moved a step forward from room mates to love mates. In this journey from colleagues to roommates to finally lovemates the amount of maturity this two has shown in this whole series is fabulous.

 It’s not that easy to disclose a relationship in corporate sector where people might end up thinking boss will give more benefits to the one he is in relationship with, Also HR policies are need to take into consideration.

In this new roles with a new beginning, will they actually able to sort out the stuffs? will they manage to keep attached work and relationship together? This new beginning of PFA is a very beautiful journey where some new characters have added a different value.


PFA 2: Work, Relationship and insecurities

Shaurya who finally got what he deserves may not be the thing what his colleagues find deserving. Or may be it’s his inner conflict and the insecurities which keep him in doubt all the time. Where he find it’s tough to deal with his colleagues who may still not have accepted him as their new boss.

Then there is a Co-manager Ratna who looks perfect and people actually started loving her and has no problem accepting her as their new boss. Sanya finds her very cool and really has great time working with her.

If Please find attached season 2 has something to look forward apart from Shaurya and Sanya then it’s a new character of Sanya’s boss Ratna, Performed by Vaibhavi Upadhyay. She makes us think and believe that boss must be like this very positive, appreciating, approachable and perfect.

pfa 2
Source: Dice Media

Shaurya who finds it difficult to accept his insecurities and believe in himself he wants Sanya to not go through all this and thus he start hiding things from Sanya that lead to a different mode to their work and relationship.

Sanya who tries hard to manage their relationship and work feels very upsetting and disappointing when she finds Shaurya starts hiding things from him.

Will they finally manage to keep their relationship and work intact? or Shaurya’s insecurities and self doubt will lead their relationship to the another direction? Please find attached is all that keep you engage with the story.

Dice media knows what we want

Barkha Singh and Aayush Mehra are the new on screen couple which actually are more loving in the same way we love Dhruv and Kavya from little things.

They both looks great together, Their chemistry, their cuteness and maturity is something a new couple goal could be.

Apart from this two, Ratna is a big positive and most loved character of this web series. Audience are loving her voice, the independence and perfection in her role is amazing.

There are many things which are enough to keep us engage and love please find attached season 2. Dice media again proved why they are very good in their work. Because they knew what their audience want.

Three things we like about Please Find Attached season 2

  1. A mature way of dealing the worst situation. We can only handle or make this fine again or fix what is broken when we talk about it. Please find attached as added more this time. Not just logic and emotion but the maturity and level of understanding for each other is commendable.
  2. Obviously, I can’t ignore Ratna. Though we all feel Shaurya is equally good. Ratna is a strong personality. Her views are astonishing, One would always admire her if they find someone like her in their life. Her positive approach and way of looking towards life is different. Even though Shaurya had clashes with her she never took it personally.
  3. A happy note, Every relation ships have their goods and bads but overcoming the bad time and staying strong together is what makes relationships perfect. Shaurya finally start feeling his value at work and may be sooner he will manage to attached emotions and love, back to their relationship.

Please find attached a beautiful web series and the soothing music of this web series on Dice media’s youtube channel if you haven’t watched yet. Also, Please comment your favourite moment from the web series.

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