Sunflowers by Log Kya Kahenge interesting season 1

sunflowers by log kya kahenge

Sunflowers is the three episodic mini web series by Log Kya Kahenge. And the first word that I would like to say about this web series is this is truly a gem. Some people might find this web series a bit different than the regular content they consume, but the fineness and the performances all the characters have done in this mini web series truly deserve an appreciation.

Image Source: Sunflowers by Log Kya Kahenge

Sunflowers mini web series cast, crew and review

Web Series Name: Sunflowers

Number of episodes: 3

Available Platform: Youtube ( Log Kya Kahenge )


Kritika Avasthi as Meera (Mira)

Sahil Verma as Aakash

Swapnil Dubey

Gaurangi Mittal

Directed By: Tarun Rathore

Story by: Siddharth Poonia

Screenplay: Siddharth Poonia and Sushant Ramaiah

DOP: Zian Uddin and Udit Thapa

Art: Ankush Sharma and Sanchit Bhardwaj

Makeup: Geetika Gill

Sound: Siddharth Poonia and Sushant Ramaiah

Costume: Deepali Bajaj and Shreya Ambastha

Editing: Udit Thapa

Sunflowers: Are we reserved?

Log Kya Kahenge is one of my favorite youtube channels and they always bring a very different story to offer. This time Siddharth Poonia’s story did wonders and Director Tarun Rathore did a brilliant job.

Sunflowers is a very unique and interesting story portrayed by Kritika Avasthi and Sahil Verma. They look very mature, perfect, and real through the mini web series. Three episodes of this web series have a unique concept and truly wonderful journey to offer.

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Image Source: Sunflowers episode 3 (Sahil and Kritika)

So Sunflowers is a mini web series that will take us through the life of Aakash played by Sahil Verma. Aakash is kind of a reserved person and is really having a monotonous life. He does not really like to socialize and he accepts the fact that he would remain the same. He knows the reason for him being this way is more personal and insecurities or lack of confidence that he has about him.


His friend and colleague Armaan really cares and tries hard to convince him to find someone for himself, and that’s when Meera joins the show. Meera is the character played by Kritika Avasthi. She looks really beautiful and pretty. Her way of looking towards life convinced us that she is the perfect match for Aakash.

Sahil Verma looks very real and the perfection he showed with Aakash’s character deserves appreciation. Kritika as Meera gives us that cute smile on our faces and she will make us fall In love with the character.

Sunflowers: Harsh Reality

When from a dreamy show or a web series we finally get back to our life, the realization of reality is hard to digest. Reality is not always as per our expectations.

Aakash finally lets Meera in, He is more nervous and confused now. Being an introvert and reserved for himself he is clueless about the next step. But he has the feeling that he started loving Meera. Well if you are thinking it would be a more cliche type of a love story then no. You might be thinking in a different way.

The magic of this show is the way director Tarun Rathore has presented the web series. This makes it a true gem.

Image Source: Log Kya Kahenge ( Web series: Sunflowers )

Towards the end of the season web series leave us with the bitter truth of life and an open link to think about what will happen next in season 2.

The best part of this web series is the ending. Aakash and Meera keep us connected with them throughout the episodes.

Log Kya Kahenge has really created a masterpiece that deserves a good amount of audience. So if you haven’t watch sunflowers yet, please give it a try. The different storyline might feel boring to some people but believe me it is worth the time.

Sunflowers by Log Kya Kahenge

Three things we like about this web series:

  1. Simplicity of the entire series. They brought the monotonous life of a bachelore that feels very real. All the characters, the actors did justice to their role.
  2. Aakash ans Meera, Their conversation has a unique view. The way it has been presented is wow. Yeah they are behind the display but the conversation is so close to each other and magnificient.
  3. The story, Well it really deserve the appreciation. Sunflowers has something really unique to present. It is interesting and the twist at the end is something I loved the most.
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