Extra Care Plus best super top policy of Bajaj Allianz

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance is India’s largest insurance company. Popularly known for its good services and timely claim settlement.

Extra Care Plus super top policy of Bajaj Allianz

To increase our sum insured we purchase super top-up over our base health insurance policy. This helps us to enhance our cover by paying less premium. To read more read about the top up and super top you can click here

Extra care plus is super top-up health insurance proposed by Bajaj Allianz General Insurance company. A leading health insurance provider with the highest claim settlement.

Features of Extra Care Plus :

In Patient treatments:

  • This policy cover’s expenses of all our inpatient treatments like room rent, ICU charges, doctor fees, consultation fees, lab test, oxygen blood, nursing and boarding charges.., etc
  • The room we choose there’s no capping or sub-limit on room rent, Means we can take any room AC, Non-Ac, deluxe and non-deluxe. The total actual bill will be covered. And same is for ICU charges total of 100% will be covered and 100% will be a cashless treatment in-network hospitals.
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  • This policy also cover’s pre-hospitalization of 60 days and post-hospitalization of 90 days. Pre- Hospitalization of 60 days means, Once we get hospitalize the medical expenses we had regarding that disease before 60 days is covered and post-hospitalization of 90 days means the medical expenses we will have after getting discharged from the hospital are covered till 90days.
  • Daycare treatments: This policy also covers unlimited daycare treatments. Daycare treatment means due to the advancement of technology some operations or surgery take place within 2-3 hours or sometimes it may take the whole day. But we don’t require 24 hours of hospitalization. Such type of all daycare treatments is covered in the policy.
  • Organ Donor Expenses: Extra care plus top-up plan also covers organ donor expenses. In organ donor expenses it covers operation and hospitalization cost of the third person who is donating the organ.
  • Road Ambulance: For road ambulance in this we get 3000/- rupees per claim. Means every time if we will claim for a road ambulance we get 3000/-.
  • Air Ambulance: This is an add on option in this policy. By paying extra premium we can add this benefit.
  • Maternity Cover: Maternity benefit is also available in this policy.

General Exclusions of Extra Care Plus:

Following are some general exclusions and waiting period of the policy.

  • Accidental treatment is covered from day 1 of the activation of the policy.
  • 30 days is a standard cooling period after 30 days all new illnesses are covered in this policy.
  • If someone has any pre-existing health complaints like blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid, cholesterol, or any major hospitalization has been done before. Such time of all pre-existing illnesses has a waiting period of one year. After one year that will be covered.
  • There are some slow-growing illnesses like hernia, Piles, Cataract…, which do not require treatments immediately and grow slowly in the body has a waiting period of 1 year after a year it will be covered.
  • If someone wanted to do joint replacement and they wanted to do it naturally for that there’s a year of the waiting period is applicable.
  • Permanent exclusions: There is some illness which is not covered in the policy, HIV-AIDS is not covered in the policy, a suicide attempt or self-injury is not covered in the policy, Dental and Mental treatments are not covered in the policy, anything happened due to drugs consumption or alcohol consumption is not covered in the policy, Cosmetic related surgeries done for beautification is also not covered in this plan.

These are some important benefits of Extra care plus policy which I mentioned in brief. You can read the brochure for more detailed knowledge and premium details.

As this policy is a super top-up plan where we have to use deductible first only then we can use this policy. You can read about what is deductible and more detailed information of top-up and super top plan here.

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