The Sarkari Karyalay season 1 : Cast, crew and review

the sarkari karyalay season 1

Okay… So name says it all. When we visit any government office, our experience may not be as comforting as we expect or it would not be up to the mark. However the first season of the web series Sarkari Karyalay gives a funny remark and comic touch towards the office office version of the web series.

The Sarkari Karyalay Cast, available platform and number of episodes

In the creator’s world, credit isn’t enough for the talent however they do deserve the respect and fame for the wonderful work they do.

Lead Cast:

Shreya Gupto as Vaibhavi

Vaibhav Shukla as Rohan

Arun Kushwaha as Shukla

Bibhu Nandan Singh as Mishra

Saurav Singh as Harry

Supporting Cast:

Shivam Sharma

Kunal Kaushal Shukla

Krishna Gautam

Suraj Bhan

Directed by: Abhishek Kumar

Written by: Bibhu Nandan Singh

Created By: Aakash Kumar, Kshitiz Sudhakar

DOP: Ashwin Kadamboor

Editor: Hilal Mir

Creative Producer: Neha Bharti

Executive Producer: Harshit Agrawal

Supervising Producer: Chetan S Kulkarni

Available Platform: Youtube channel (Binge )

Number of episodes: 4

And it’s the Sarkari Karyala

Well, I do not need to tell you how difficult the situation can get when you need to get the work done on priority and due to some issues it gets stuck and you need to visit someplace to get it done and even though your multiple attempts cannot just resolve the issue.

That feels frustrating! Right?

Well! What if you need to get this important work done from government offices nearest to you?

your work is very important and urgent and needs to get all the documents ready before the deadline however your work is pending just because of one document and that needs to get done from the Sarkari karyalay and the situation for you is urgency.


The main character of this web series can completely relate to the above scenario.

Vaibhavi akaShreya Gupto needs to get her aadhar updated. Isn’t this work seems or feels a little easy and could get done in few minutes.

Well if you are thinking this way then you are wrong.. the Sarkari Karylaya has something more to bring to your dining… They are ready to serve you biryani and dessert at the end.

shreya gupto
Source: The Sarkari Karyalay ( Shreya Gupto)

The Sarkari Karmachari : The Sarkari Karyalay

The characters and all the actors who performed them has impressed us a lot. Arun Kushwaha as Shukla is as epic as his all previous performances.

Mishra Ji adds a wonderful touch to the web series performed by Bibhu, he has also written the script of this web series so it’s pleasure to see him on screen.

and lastly, our two leads Vaibhavi performed byShreya Gupto our star face, and the second lead Rohan performed by Vaibhav Shukla adds more than what we can expect.

Rohan trying to help his ex (Vaibhavi) in her hard time, his care for her is more noticeable in his behavior, and maybe that is something that makes Rohan a very likable character in this web series.

Source: The Sarkari Karyalay (Binge)

The Sarkari Karylay season 1 is 4 episodic mini web series that you would enjoy more if you have ever worked in Sarkari offices or you visit the government offices on regular basis for different work.

It is a light-hearted comedy mini web series that you can watch for free on youtube and can have a good time.

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Three Things we like about this webseries

Shreya Gupto and Vaibhav Shukla their chemistry look rock solid and refreshing

if we have chhote miyaan aka Arun Kushwaha it’s really hard to ignore him, His unsupportive nature and messing up the things for the entire staff in the office is fun to watch

and the last part is Mishra Ji., his character added the new taste to the Sarkari Karyalay.

So if you haven’t watched this web series and would like to have some taste of Sarkari offices and experience the fun. You can watch this web series for sure.

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