How to use Android on laptop or pc without using Android emulators

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Android (Android x86 os ) is one of the most loved operating systems. And the huge number of Apps and Games is the reason for its popularity. So we all wanted to try or use Android on our laptop or pc.

The most traditional way of using  Android apps and games on pc or laptop is an Android emulator. 

But what if I will tell you instead of any virtual machine or emulator. You can directly use Android X86 Os on your computer. Seems interesting right? The more awesome and cool thing is we can actually use Android os on our pc.

Here I will discuss the topmost favorite android os for pc which are absolutely free to use.

Top 6 Android os for pc or laptop.

  • Prime os
  • phoenix os
  • bliss os
  • Android x86
  • Lineage os
  • Chrome os (paid)

1. Prime os

We always keep or acknowledge the best at last. Either it is an award show or a function. But prime os is something so good that I can’t resist my self to start with this.Prime os gives us the premium feel of Android on our laptop.

Its interface is very clean and desktop friendly. No annoying ads or anything which made this my favorite os. Prime os comes with different download options for different PC’s. I would request you to try all versions if prime os does not work after installation.

If your laptop or pc is new and you still trying to install the standard version of prime os in this case it may not work on your pc. So make sure if something didn’t work. Try another version.

2. Phoenix os

Probably I cannot differentiate much between Phoenix os and Prime os. Both have very clean and laptop friendly user interface. But one thing where Phoenix os has plus point is its installation process. Unlike prime os here you don’t need to look for any other available options and select from that. 

One thing that still keeps phoenix os on the second list is its safety and privacy issue. Recently it has been introduced with a bunch of annoying ads. Also safety pop up will always there from google play protect about some apps which actually makes us think twice before using it.

3. Bliss os

Okay, To be honest, Bliss os has something you will definitely love. Two user interface makes it unique and pleasing to the eyes.

Though, Windows direct installer is not available for this bliss os. Using Rufus and USB we can Install this os on our laptop or pc. If you want to have a mobile-like typical android experience on a laptop then you can definitely give this a try.

Also, Big plus point that bliss os has its dual user interface. Which makes it unique and different from Prime and phoenix os.

4. Android x86

Android x86 is an open-source android os that is made to use or try on a laptop or pc. I would like to compare this with bliss os. In bliss os where it has two interfaces like a combo of prime os or phoenix os which is a super clean and compatible laptop interface and the second mobile-like typical android os which is similar to what android x86 provides us.

Android x86 os is something many prefers and is very light and easy to install.One thing that I don’t like about this os is its interface that is not that smooth as phoenix os and prime os especially when we try to switch between two different apps with vertical and horizontal alignment.

This issue persists with bliss os as well. That’s the only reason why bliss os and android x86 are in 3rd and 4th position in my list.

5. Lineage os and 6. Chrome os

is a choice many would prefer. Lineage os iso file is open source and you will not receive or download it from any official site. Lineage os provides the same interface as an android x86 os. On the other side chrome os is google’s new introduction to the computer os. Where many popular brands are using cloud based os in their pc.

Chrome os is not available for free but it’s distros you may get if you search over the internet.

My choice or suggestion. If you really wanted to enjoy Android your laptop go ahead with prime os or bliss os. These two are the perfect choices.

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