Which is the best health insurance in 2020 ?

Star Package policy by Bajaj Allianz General Insurance company ?

Best health insurance product 

If you are looking for a health insurance plan and are confused about which product would be the best for your family. Then you are at right place I’ll not put many options in front of you but will tell you about the best health insurance product you can buy in 2020-2021.

Most probably a health insurance must cover in patient treatment (IPD) to the full amount without any sub limit or cappings . Here in Star Package policy you will find no such sub limits on room rent and ICU charges. Which means all your medical expenses will be covered to the actual amount.

Features of Star Package policy 

  • Room rent and ICU charges
  • IPD treatment
  • Pre – hospitalisation 60 days and post – hospitalisation 90 days.
  • Re-instatemet benefit ( for same illness also)
  • Bariatric surgery
  • No claim bonus 
  • Organ donor expenses
  • Road ambulance
  • Non allopathic treatment ( Ayurvedic and Homeopathic)

Extra features in Star Package apart from health Guard SI

  • Hospital cash 
  • Critical illness
  • Personal accident cover
  • Education grant
  • Traveling Baggage
  • house holder contents
  • Public liability

Why Star Package is best health product for your family ?

According to surveys and polls by different websites Bajaj Allianz General Insurance company is one of the fastest growing insurance company providing best services to the customer , having highest claim settlement ratio. 
Bajaj Allianz General Insurance company have in house claim settlement team . It’s House administration team ( HAT ) is more reliable to provide hassle free and easy claim settlement.

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance company also have it’s own Insurance wallet application aka Caringly Yours which is one stop solution to the customer. Customer can avail all the updates through that application. Best part of the application is CDC ( CLAIM BY DIRECT CLICK )

process. With the help of this process customer can directly claim for the amount less than 20 thousand rupees. Which is really easy and most hassle free.
Star Package policy being product of Bajaj Allianz General Insurance company providing best services and 24/7 customer support with 6000+ tie up hospital in all over India. Makes Star Package policy best insurance to purchase.

What’s good in Star Package policy ? 

Star Package policy is package of health guard and benefit policies. Which provides a complete coverage to the family.

How’s it different from Health Guard plan ?

It has all the features of Health Guard which is unarguably one of the best products Bajaj Allianz General Insurance company having.With all the benefits of Health Guard star Package policy provides some extra features which are value for money.

What are extra features in Star Package policy ?

Hospital cash – This will be a daily cash amount customer will get , which he can avail upto 30days of hospitalisation.

Critical illness – This will act like benefit policy in which proposer will get lump sump amount . If gets diagnosed by any of the 12 critical illness they have mentioned in the brochure.

Personal accident cover – If something happens to the proposer due to accident like death , permanent total disability , or permanent partial disability insurance company will provide a lump sump amount of the sum insured customer has opted.

Education grant – Children in the policy will get lump sum amount for education if death or permanent total disability happen to the proposer due to disability.

House holder contents and Traveling baggage – This policy will provide you house holder contents and Traveling baggage cover as well.

Public liability : Supposed due to accident we make loss to third person and that happens un intentionally then that third person is also covered in the policy.

What makes Star Package policy a best buy for the customer  ?

If we compare star package plan with other competitor in this industry we will find many product similar to health guard providing basic necessities . Or there may be slight difference in features . For example some some insurance company will provide pre hospitalization of 30 days and post hospitalization of 60 days and some will provide 60 and 90 days respectively . So this feature changes are not more significant. But apart from this what star package plan of Bajaj Allianz providing is really good to go with . With add on rider or section and minimum three to choose from makes it perfect for total family security.

Lets discuss more about the sections that are available in Star Package Policy :

What are the different sections in Star Package Policy ?

Here we will get through one by one in detail about all the sections of star package policy . Normally all insurance companies provide / publish their brochure regarding product details but as a normal person or less known about insurance term understanding product details becomes quite difficult . So here I’ll try to simplify all this terms as simple as possible to understand.

Section 1 : Hospital Cash

Hospital cash ? What hospital cash actually mean ? Do hospital will give us cash ? Well , Hospital

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