Wrong Number Season 2 is finally out now

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Wrong number a web series by RVCJ, Well we can call it a 3 episodic mini web series by RVCJ left unanswered with many questions? Although we really love it’s first season. Makers of this show are back with another season, May be with the answers to those unanswered questions? May be with a twist and may be with some freshness?


Apoorva Arora as Khushi

Ambrish Verma as Karan

Badri Chavan as Shukla

Anjali Barot as Ruchi

Wrong number Season 2 is available on youtube on RVCJ’s official channel. As of now only two episodes are released and makers of this show will publish new episode every week.

Many those who have watched the first season of a web series wrong number were waiting for this second season and it’s finally available now. And if you haven’t watched it yet, Request you to watch it because only then you will relate to the excitement.

  • Wrong number season 1 left us unanswered with many questions,
  • like who is Rajat?
  • why Khushi and Rajat got separated?
  • will Khushi give a second chance to Karan?
  • what about Shukla and Ruchi? Can Shukla’s heart will reach out to Ruchi?

These were the questions we were looking answers for. And now as season 2 is finally here can we expect answers to above questions? Well you can!

Episode 1 as they name it as redial starts with mixed feeling. Where we get to see Khushi not so
interested in studies, not so serious in life, Bold and can do anything for Rajat. She do not even bother to do anything in the exam hall to get attention from Rajat…


Whereas on the flip side Rajat is quite serious about study. That he even cares more about the class test.
Ohh yaa.. rajat, so we finally get to see Rajat and his chemistry with Khushi in the very first episode.

In present Karan asked Khushi for a second chance but still she is not sure but that smile on her face while texting Karan speaks alot.

The show-stealer is still Shukla and his whiteboard advice is priceless. This time he came with a more creative approach and we hope we get to see more of it in the coming episodes.

It will be interesting to see if he will get Ruchi’s number? will Khushi say yes for a meeting? Many answers are there in the very first episodes.

Apoorva Arora Aka Khushi and Ambrish Verma as Karan this pair already have melted our heart in first season and they are continuing it in the second season also with lot more freshness.

And then this come, The pair we are excited to see together Shukla and Ruchi. The character Shukla is played by Badri Chavan and he perfomed it shear brilliance, On the other hand Ruchi a character played Anjali Barot is rude, serious and in khushi’s language a sakht laundi.

Will Shukla’s magic ran on Ruchi? Is Rajat still loves Khushi? Many answers are on its way. So if you haven’t watched this fun ride yet. I will request you to go and watch it right now. A smile on your face worth your time.

Ambrish Verma and Apurva Arora are a fresh pair to watch and many of us loved their pair. But at bottom of our heart we find Shukla in us. He finds Ruchi cute but do Ruchi will start having a same feeling for Shukla? What you guys think? Do let us know in the comment box. Do share your wrong number story with us if you have any?

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