Will boycott Chinese products in 2020 can be the Right Choice?

Can India boycott Chinese products completely
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India is going through a critical time. And it’s not about just coronavirus. But growing tension among borders.

National security and army forces are always the pride in our country.

But then the situation in Galvan valley turns out to be worst. We lost our soldiers.

And this made all of us give a thought on the import we do from China. Indirectly supporting china. A reason behind this critical situation we are in.

Peoples are urging to boycott Chinese goods, electronics, software, and may more. Citizens of our country are pretending to awaken. And showing their anger by boycotting Chinese products.

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#1 China is the biggest exporter in India?

It is our India or simply us. When we face lost then we woke until let go how it’s going. That is the rather part. let’s come on to the main topic. ?

First of all, China is from the second top leading economy in the world. And India is also in the fifth position and trying to prove good.

But as if you look figures about the trading of India with china then you will be shocked to know that whatever we import of that 14% we import from china. India only export 5% to china of its total export.

It means India runs a huge trade deficit with China. China is the biggest exporter in India.

#2 What if we completely boycotted Chinese Products?

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We are mostly relying on China in such condition it will not affect more to china to boycott Chinese products.


Yes, it will be glorious for India if we took Indian products instead of Chinese products.

From China, we mostly import smartphones electrical appliances, auto components, and mainly the pharmaceutical ingredients, chemicals, and plastic goods.

And if we look at how china captured our India’s smartphone electronics market it will give us a shock. 75% of the mobile market covered by chines companies and just 25% by others and also in that 25% of Indian companies covered just 2-3% percent.

Bajaj and Maruti from the top automobile industries also said that banning chines imports or raising tariffs on them will hurt industry consumers which costs us high.

#3 Why only boycott is not a solution?

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And now let’s assume that we stop total import from china then will it really affect China?

there will be not a hit effect on china because china has more trades with other countries than us. China has more trade deficit with RUSSIA then us.

And if we stop our total import from china then china will export it to Africa and Latin America and other countries.

The import that we stopped will be exported by them to other countries so boycotting chines products will not really punch its economy. 

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#4 Are we prepared for complete boycott?

Make In India
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Though we are not prepared for complete boycott. We need to groom our make in India project. Need to give Indian suppliers and manufacturers a big thumbs up.

The only thing that will hit and punch china that is if we start manufacturing more in India by our people not by the other countries’ manufacturer, as it will boost our GDP.

Yes, it will take 6-5 years because one has to go with proper planning for doing that.

But just look calmly by making more imports from china we are in the 5th position in the world’s economy. And if we started our own more manufacturing units and stop relying on Chinese  firms, definitely we will grow in the world’s economy within a few years.

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