Aani Kay hava web series a beautiful after marriage story season 1 and season 2

aani kay hava

Okay, when we feel we have almost everything there is one word we usually say in marathi and that’s Aani kay hava.

This web series completely give the justice to the title. Each episodes of both seasons will constantly keep you smile till the last episode. Yes, we are talking about the web series Aani Kay hava.

Aani Kay Hava web series cast and crew

Main lead:

Priya Bapat in and as Jui, Umesh Kamat in and as Saket

Written and Directed by:

Varun Narvekar

Produced by:

Pratisaad Productions Pvt. Ltd

Assistant Director:

Vikram Patwardhan

Available Platform: Mx player

Number of Season: 2

Number of episode: 12

Aani Kay Hava: you and me

We all have some good examples of web series that speaks about couple goals. There understanding for each other to standing for each other however when we look for after marriage love stories there are very few web series that catch our eyes. And I would not be wrong if I will say “Aani Kay Hava” is one of those web series.

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Source: Aani Kay hava web series

What modern life marriage should be? how there understanding could be? Can new after life couple goals will break the stereotypes in society?

Well this web series will answer all above questions. Priya Bapat as Jui and Umesh Kamat as Saket makes us believe that this two belongs to each other and this is how after marriage love story should be. Pure, perfect, sweet and emotionally connected.


Saket and Jui takes us through the journey of there life where for longer period of time they will keep that smile on your face. There understanding and there after marriage story will constantly makes you believe that this is how two couples should be.

Aani kay hava when we are together

When I search for the web series and when it comes to happiness and modern day approach towards relationship, Little things is the web series that hits my mind and now I have two thoughts in my mind either little things or Aani Kay Hava?

Well, If I will have to choose between these two I will chose both. Umm yeah! Because I have reason for that. Little things help us to explore how couple should be, how living relationship could work. On the other side, Aani Kay Hava gives us the realistic approach towards married life.

How two people will deal with the situation where they have to stay together. Choices, way of thinking, dreams, liking everything could be different. At this stage what important is the understanding., trust and that emotional touch for each other.

Saket and Jui give us that feeling of togetherness. Their life goals, that sweetness in smallest possible things they do and all those beautiful episodes are enough to bring that smile and joy of tears in your eyes.

One of the good reason we are able to connect and attached with Jui and Saket is Priya Bapat and Umesh Kamat. They made it so real and director Varun Narvekar deserves special appreciation.

The creators of this show was under the impression that only if first season will do well they will make the another one and the amount of love “Aani Kay Hava” received was splendid so they made the second season and we are waiting for the third soon.

I loved this show and thus I would recommend you to watch this, if you wanted to have a smile on your face and ever loving life partner.

What I like most about this web series is the simplicity. They put the story of Saket and Jui in the simplest manner they could. Those light hearted moment and sweet hugs between them are enough to make our day.

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