Couple Goals season:1 A mini web series by Alright

couple goals season 1

We all may have a different idea and different opinion about perfect couple. And with times we understand that there is nothing that could be just perfect. The imperfection in the relationship makes it more stronger and happier.

And setting up the goals, Helps the couple to add more joy, interest and the happiness in their relationship.

Couple goals may not be the same for each couple. However the emotions and feelings are the same. Making it more unique and natural.


Couple Goals season 1 Cast

  1. Main Leads :

Kritika Avasthi askritika  avasthi imagesMaahi

Ayush Mehra as nikhil vijay shaurya

2. Produced By

  • Rusk Studios

3. Director 

  • Nishant Sharma

4.Associate Director 

  • Gunjan Bajaj


  • Jay Kulkarni


  • Ravinder Gill

And it's all about you and me - Couple Goals

Alright! is bringing all that can keep us smiling or have a fun ride after tiring day.

Couple goal is one of those shows or mini web series that will keep you engage and loved in these three episodic journey. It’s a mini web series but deserves audience.

So we all know Nikhil Vijay for his youtube appearance in many videos and web series. Hostel Daze is one of those web series that he recently featured.

and on the other Side we get to see Kritika Avasthi.. her role in Engineering girls to many other YouTube webseries is promising. And thus when it comes to Couple goals they both look promising. No doubt how brilliant actors they are so they pulled up the character really well.

Nikhil as Rishi and Kritika as Avasthi are eye catching. Their chemistry looks so real and beautiful. Their screen presence for just three episodes is more appealing.

So Couple Goals is a story of Rishi and Mahi, where they take us through their life. How they try to see their love life in other couples, how they manage to behave with their family and lastly how one’s success could lead to others sacrifice. And sometimes failure makes relationship more stronger.

Couple goals gives us an insight of happiness, trust and understanding for each other. So if you would like to spend some quality time with your partner you can give this  mini web series a try.

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