Disconnected a Short film by Large Short films

Disconnected is the word itself that tells us everything. The word that gives the explanation for every damn or bad situation we are in.

Disconnected is the web series presented by ROYAL STAG BARREL SELECT LARGE SHORT FILMS. Where we get to see Aakansha performed by Gul Panag her husband and daughter.

Well, the way the creators and the director have presented this web series is too beautiful. Everything seems on point, especially the characters, the cinematography and I love the screenplay.

Normally, I do not watch short films but Disconnected has caught my attention and I end up watching it.

First, let’s discuss the cast of the short film Disconnected:

Director: Suhail Tatari

Story and screenplay: Mandhir Sahni


Gul Panag: Akanksha

Satydeep Mishra: Parimal

Mahek Thakur: Rhea

Abhishek Bhalerao: Restaurant Manager:

Parmeet Kaur: Rhea’s friend

Mihir Ahuja: Rhea’s friend 2

Kapil Paatil: Rhea’s friend 3

Vincy: Rhea’s friend 4


Mandhir Sahni and Anupama Gupta

Cinematographer: Prakash Kutti


Sound design and Mix: Prashant Nayar

Disconnected, Are we?

Director Suhail Tatari has presented the beautiful portrayal of a family, that seems disconnected from each other. Parimal a character played by Satydeep Mishra and Aakanksha they both are husband and wife but they don’t seem connected.

On the other side, we get to see Rhea portrayed gracefully by Mahek Thakur. A daughter, husband, and wife are they disconnected?

A family where the daughter is looking for some quality time from parents, a wife looking for love, and a husband busy in work.

Are these things enough to keep a family disconnected?

Large Short films youtube channel: Disconnected

Disconnected: Things I like about this short film

When something is created with the word like disconnected, that itself is self-explanatory most of the time we expect that story will be more predictable. Although at points we might predict the story right.

The screenplay and cinematography come to the rescue and keep us engaged. The dialogues are on point and well written. The story is appealing and would attract more audiences.

Gul Panag as Aakanksha, the intensity in her eyes, and the way she acted is the plus point of this web series.

And yeah short films are always made to give quality content in the minimum time with the best utilization of resources. Thus I personally like this short film and if you ever feel disconnected from someone. You can give this short film a try.

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