Pehla Pehla is a must-watch web series by Alright

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Adarsh Gourav has impressed us with his performance in hostel daze, white tiger, and in many of his youtube appearances. However, Pehla Pehla by Alright is a special web series.

A story of dreams and passion is always inspiring. And when it’s about the youngest entrepreneur and about his startup it becomes the cherry on top.

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Source: Pehla Pehla web series (Alright)

Pehla Pehla web series cast

Anushka Sharma as Nikita

Adarsh Gourav as Rohit

Sudheer Chobessy as Rohit’s Father

Ritik Ghanshani as Lalit

Suparna Khanna as Ambika

Abhishek Kumar as Jimmy

Vaibhav Verma as Rishabh

Ayaan Vats as Kid Rohit

Writer: Anubhav Parsheera

Director: Akhil Sachdeva

Pehla Pehla: Rise of a dream

If you will tell your father that you do not want to continue your education or would like to learn online and not attend college.

We can only imagine our parent’s reactions. Right?

So what will happen if Rohit’s father gets to know that his son is not attending college and has his own dreams to follow?

Rohit is the main lead of this web series. His character is performed by Adarsh Gaurav and it will not be wrong to say he donned the character brilliantly.

On the other side, we also get to see Nikita as his love interest and Sudheer Chobessy as Rohit’s father. These two characters along with Ritik Ghanshani as Lalit create the support pillar for Rohit’s character.

Rohit wanted to start his own start-up. Constantly looking for one great idea, his mind suddenly strikes with the plan he needed and dreams start rising.

Pehla Pehla: Thanks to creators

I know there are many big-budget web series that are available on different OTT platforms. Most of them are subscription-based so in this world of OTT platforms, We appreciate the creators giving their best and making some good content available to watch.

I personally feel we should be more thankful as an audience to all the creators working and uploading stuff on youtube.

The story of Rohit is the dream of many young talents in India. Some young talent might require some motivation or some might need inspiration or guidance. So stories that represent the dreams of many always deserve appreciation.

Pehla Pehla by alright is the three episodic web series that gives you joy and keeps you engaged. Alright literally know what their audience wants and thus this web series is something that I rate the most.

If you already have watched the show let me know what you all think about this web series and right your recommendation in the comment box for similar shows we can binge watch.

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