I Got lockdown with my Crush web series by Swagger Sharma

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That feeling for someone which is way more than love and which truly creates fictional moments for that person is what we can call a crush.

I got lockdown with my crush is a new web series on youtube.

Swagger Sharma, A YouTuber with over 3 million subscribers presented a story this lockdown which keeps you engaged and entertained.

Talking about best for this web series, swagger Sharma know how to connect with his audience.

Name of the web series: I Got Lockdown with My Crush

I Got Lockdown with my crush Cast :
Shivam Sharma, Akanksha Singh , Srishti vaid , Mannat Goel, Bhupender Rawat, Daksh Saini, Rishabh Ranjan, Tushar Ranjan , Rishabh Sardana

Number of Episodes : 4

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Source: Youtube (Swagger Sharma - I got lockdown with my crush)

I got lockdown with my crush: How it begins

The story starts with a discussion between two flatmates. Shivam aka Swagger Sharma and Dharam his flatmate. Shivam the main lead performed by swagger Sharma asked his friend Dharam to get back. As he is in no mood to get back to his flat after his breakup with Riya.

While the duo having bro talk, Aakansha rings the door. Well, that’s where the story moves on. Can you imagine yourself right in front of your crush? Well, that condition of heart has no words to define.

Aakansha tells Shivam that she is here to pick Riya’s remaining stuff as she doesn’t want to get back to Dharam’s place again.

Aakansha tries and manages to bag packs Riya’s all stuff. But the twist occurs, when she was about to leave, our prime minister announces lockdown for 21 days.


Butterflies in stomach: I got lockdown with my crush

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Source: Youtube ( Swagger Sharma - Webseries scene)

When Shivam was hoping to not end this moment, Modi Ji came as a blessing, and lockdown happened. With some lies, Shivam manages to convince Aakansha to stay with him until lockdown gets over.

Will his lies keep on counting? Will butterflies in his stomach reach to Aakansha’s heart? What tragedies will happen in this journey? Will this be a fun ride? Can you really stay with your crush this long?

I got lockdown with my Crush will answer all your curiosity and keep you engage till the last episode.

A crush story: I got lockdown with my crush

Well, You may have been wondering why I have written a crush story. Then, This web series will give you the answer. There are two instances which made me think, Getting stuck with a crush can probably end up being a crush story. Because it may crush your feelings at the end or in the case by any chance if it works. We can still call it a crush story.

I will not spoil any suspense but yeah, Swagger Sharma has presented a story on topic that we are most interested in. I got lockdown with my crush is a dream journey for those who always hope to get stuck with their crush.

A four episodic fun ride, Which deserves your time, and if you have missed things this lockdown then Shivam and Aakansha will lead you to the beautiful lockdown memories.

I got lockdown with my crush: Final conclusion

Source: Youtube(Swagger Sharma - I got lockdown with my crush

If you are still thinking this web series is all about getting stuck with crush then you are wrong. I got lockdown with my crush reminds you, How far and evil we can become to just get something that we have an attraction for.

Shivam started with one lie which eventually turned into many. Trying to be her first he may have broken her in pieces and then tried to fix them again. But how graciously all mess up things are managed is the plus point.

Aakansha looks beautiful and probably a second reason to watch this web series. Beware, She may also get lockdown with you in these 4 episodic web series. Shivam and all other supporting cast did good work.

So, Overall if you are looking something to freshen up things, light your mood or your just hanging around. You can surely give this web series a try.

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Youtube: Swagger Sharma- Webseries scene)
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