Trust Issues a Mini web series by Log Kya Kahenge

trust issues

You may have seen Pyaar ka Punchnama and Pyaar ka Punchnama-2 both movies. These movies are epic in their own terms. And if these movies are on your favorite list. then Trust Issues is a web series you must watch.

Trust Issues: Review

Cast : Shreya Singh as Sadhvi, Namit Dubey as Naman, Srishti Vaid, Abhishek Kapoor, Vishal Bora.

Available Platform: YouTube

Type: Mini Web series

Trust Issues, Is a story of Sadhvi and Naman. Sadhvi is the character played by Shreya Singh and Naman Is played by Namit Dubey.

Presented By: Log Kya Kahenge ( Youtube Channel )

Trust Issues ft. Shreya Singh and N amit Dubey: Opinion

trust issues

We all are aware of the relationship problems, And one of the most talks about relationship issues is trust. Every relationship stands strong when two of them have trust and faith in each other no matter what the situation is.

But, Once that trust gets betrayed, Gaining that back isn’t a simple task. Trust Issues is a web series presented by LOG KYA KAHENGE. As this web series is available on youtube, So you can add the web series in the list of free web series to watch.

#1 Pyar Dhoka Hain : Trust Issues

By reading the title you may contradict my statement. So without giving further explanation, I will just say if you are single you will enjoy this web series, and if you are in a relationship you can avoid it. The call is yours.

There, Happily loving life suddenly changes when One day Naman gets to Know that Sadhavi AKA Shreya Singh cheated on him. And it’s universal theory once we get betrayed it’s nearly impossible to trust that person to the fullest.

  • The trust issue created by Sadhvi will affect their relationship?
  • Will their life become happily ever happening again?

This web series has presented the story of trust issues in the relationship in the most epic way. One person cheat will lead to how many trust issues this is all about the web series is. Shreya Singh and Namit Dubey are great to watch. Each episode left you with suspense and you will end up watching the whole series.

So, If you haven’t watched Trust Issues a mini web Series by Log Kya Kahenge. You can definitely give it a try when you are bored.

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